Russian opposition leader Navalny leaves jail, goes to rally...


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  • Brilliant Campus Reform Video: Students Love Trump’s Tax Plan — When Told It’s Bernie’s
    RUSH: Campus Reform, I love these guys. They remind me of me back when this program was beginning.... Read more »
  • My Analysis of General Kelly’s Remarks
    RUSH: It's tough to characterize how just downright mean and hateful, in a uniform way, everybody who commented on General Kelly's remarks yesterday is. Mean-spirited. Hateful. Angry. It's yet another vivid lesson on how the Democrat Party and the media is colluding to just openly lie about Donald Trump.... Read more »
  • NFL Outreach to Our Communities Is Failing, Ratings Continue to Plunge
    RUSH: Thursday night football ratings down last night, preliminary overnight metered markets. The Raiders, it was a close game, apparently. I didn't see it. I didn't watch it... It sounds like it was a good game, but I didn't see it. And not as many people as used to see... Read more »
  • What Most Troubles Me About President Bush’s Speech
    RUSH: You couldn't win an election if all you had voting for you was white supremacists. You don't have enough of those people, probably, to elect anybody to a much bigger office than dogcatcher. And yet to suggest that this may be what the country is becoming just misses what's... Read more »
  • Dems Scramble to Cover Up Fusion Collusion
    RUSH: I have another pop quiz question. Do you think Donald Trump would be impeached if he had received millions of dollars from Putin front groups, if he had given away uranium, if he had shut up a whistle-blowing FBI agent, and if he had colluded with Republican opposition research... Read more »

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  • The Establishment Flunkies Flunk Out
    All human institutions are essentially a reboot of high school, and within the political scene the Never Trumpers are convinced that they are the cool kids despite being the chess club of American politics.... Read more »
  • Nothing is Sacred or Off-Limits When Opposing Trump
    George W. Bush ascended the podium at a forum hosted by his think tank last week and violated his familys prime directive: Never speak ill of a successor.... Read more »
  • A Guard Dog, a Ghoulish Clown, a Warrior, and Remembering Sergeant La David Johnson
    In the sadly contentious matter of remembering Sergeant La David Johnson, the villain turns out to be Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson, more of a ghoulish clown, really. President Trump plays the role of a loyal guard dog who doth bark too much, and General John Kelly comes off as a brave... Read more »
  • Despicable People
    Nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing is off limits, and everything is political. This week showed us once again there is nothing Democrats wont exploit, no grave they wont dance on, if they think they can score political points. And theres nothing journalists wont spin, wont lie about, and no hypocrisy... Read more »
  • The General Shames the Briefing Room
    Since retired Gen. John Kelly became White House chief of staff, news outlets have portrayed him as the disciplinarian sent to impose order over an unruly President Donald Trump. Kelly rejects that scenario -- when it comes to taming, he has other fish to fry.... Read more »