Feb 27, 2014

Arizona governor vetoes controversial bill allowing religious beliefs as defense for denying service
Obama admin sued to allow Muslims right to refuse service on religious grounds
Lib ‘logic’: Gov. Brewer still an ‘anti-gay extremist,’ Defense of Marriage Act and Religious Freedom Restoration Act signer Clinton is a brave hero
7 Myths About Arizona’s Religious Freedom Law
Four-year-old boy has ‘psychic powers’
First Big Gulp, Now Bottomless Bloody Marys: New York Bans Boozy Brunches
Google launches Maps Gallery, a new digital atlas that lets you explore third-party maps
Broadcast your game action with TwitchTV, coming to XboxOne early next month
WWE wrestler Kane on libertarianism
Greta Van Susteren Publicly Thanks Fox News Haters
China’s Apocalyptic Hellscape
Apple is Fortune’s ‘most admired’ for 7th year in a row
How early upgrade phone plans cost more than typical plans
WiFi networks can be infected with a virus that moves through the air
How a 3d-printed heart model saved a young boy’s life
Dad builds son a desk that turns into a ‘NASA Mission Control Center’
NASA finds 715 new planets, four of which may be habitable
Even as Amazon nears its 20th birthday, the online shopping industry is still quite small
Beer beat soda – at least for shareholders. Anheuser-Busch InBev briefly topped Coca-Cola
A court ordered Google to remove the film “Innocence of Muslims” from YouTube
Peugeot reveals plans to sell the first air powered car next year
Pilots reveal the 26 most beautiful airport approaches
Mike Rowe Found Out: Even Conservatives Are Falling For The ‘WalMart is Evil’ Narative
I’m A Conservative
Libertarians need to stop fighting religious liberty.
Smart T-shirt has inbuilt GPS and sensors that monitor your heart rate and running speed
20 Top Photographer’s Inspiring Photos
Greenpeace co-founder: No scientific proof humans are dominant cause of warming climate
Tennessee Woman Says Gun Control Led to Husband’s Murder
Scientists identify two people who died as a direct result of smoking cannabis
An Elderly Woman Has Been Waving at Students for Years. They Finally Did Something About It
America’s most overpriced cities
Italy is planning to create a $54.9 million ‘Disneyland of food’
Store’s mistake leads to New York man hitting $10M jackpot
Google Search now lets you vote for American Idol, Facebook will offer real-time voting progress updates
The latest version of Google Maps looks radically different. Five features to know about
Nearly 1 in 3 Americans aren’t saving any money, new survey found
Find’Em Tracking could be the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker